Elizabeth Fraser — artist printmaker & designer

Parkside Federation

Student recognition & reward cards

Parkside Federation wanted to recognise and reward their students with an easy to use postcard scheme. When a student did well in any area of school life, curricular or social a postcard would be handwritten and posted to the student and parent at home. It was hoped the surprise of a personal positive message from staff would help to encourage strong communication between home and school. If a set of four was collected they could be exchanged for a tangible reward such as new stationery, cinema tickets etc.  A digital collage was created for each of eleven departments, and assigned a border colour and font. The collages are designed to be split into quadrants to make up each set of four postcards. Each quarter of the main image still works as a meaningful standalone image.   

  • Each digital collage A4 to make 4 A6 postcards
  • All photographs by Frauhaus
  • Digitally printed on 300gsm matt card