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What is Cambridge Open Studios?

As the summer approaches there are artists and makers around Cambridge busy in their studios, workrooms, sheds, kitchens and cubby holes. They are carefully readying their works and wares and prints and beautiful things to share with everyone across four weekends in July. What a lovely little adventure you can have seeking out the best of Cambridge Open Studios creativity. Maybe you'll find the perfect gift for yourself or another, or get to try out a technique, be offered a cup of tea and actually chat to the makers, creators, imaginators and doers.  Maybe you'll buy just a card and support them that way. I'm looking forward to opening my studio up on weekend 1 and weekend 4, maybe you'll visit me.

Elizabeth Fraser
Printing Inks

I have spent today sorting through several boxes of rubber base printing ink. Seeing which are still viable & which are rock hard! There are so many tins of 'chocolate' I wonder what was being printed? Lots of different reds and greens but only one white and one yellow. Its mucky work though, many of the tin lids are stuck tight and all are dusty and dirty. Many had a pantone number which seemed to agree with my swatch book & made me realise what a truly clever system it is. Once sorted I shall keep some for myself and pass the other onward to suitable places with the generosity of spirit in which I received them. I think my hands will ache tomorrow. Thanks Andy English, I'm beginning to see why you use mostly black...so much easier to find the colour you want! 

Elizabeth Fraser
Welcome to my new site!

At last! I feel the need for a fanfare and a pair of heavy velvet curtains to open with a flourish...please use your imaginations.

It has taken some grappling with a new media for me, I don't usually do websites but Squarespace has proved extremely flexible and straightforward to use once I stopped sulking about needing to update my online presence and just got on with it. Buckets and buckets of tea later and here we are, the beginnings of my new site.

My next task is to get much better at photographing my work, and generally recording my process. But one skill at a time I think. Thanks for looking.


Elizabeth Fraser
Welcome to Frauhaus

It was no good. I had to face up to the fact that my website was in desperate need of an update. I wanted to be able to connect all my various digital selves together. My little letterpress man icon bore no resemblance to me (not being male or in possession of a hairy chest) and everything was feeling a bit tired. So I could put it off no longer...

Elizabeth Fraser