Elizabeth Fraser — artist printmaker & designer
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Cambridge University Press

Handset type for promotional leaflet

Cambridge University Press wanted to promote their e-book capabilities. As they have been publishing books continuously since 1584 the idea of linking the analogue past with the digital future brought them to the idea of setting XML code in metal type. The difficulty in this project was the lack of angle brackets in the standard letterpress glyph set. To overcome this lower case v's were set horizontally with a mid space each side to ensure they sat centrally along the x-height of the line. Fiddly, fiddly work but satisfying in the outcome. Frauhaus was responsible solely for the hand set type part of the project with CUP using its own photographer and designer to complete the leaflet.

  • Novel creation of angle brackets by using lower case v and mid spaces
  • Type:  10pt Univers
  • Leaflets: three sections folding to DL