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The Glint Game

The Glint Game


The Glint Game uses metal letterpress type ornaments and an ink pad to introduce you to typographic pattern-making.

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This little kit is designed to introduce the concept of typographic pattern making to people. It contains a small booklet introducing the metal type ornaments called 'glint' with instructions for playing as well as sample patterns that can be achieved. There are two small ink pads, a squared paper notebook and a origami menko envelope containing 4 pieces of ornamental metal type (2 x B1309 and 2 x B1310). It can be used by letterpress printers to plan designs and play when a press is not available. It can be used as a tool to introduce mathematical concepts of combinations and symmetry. It can be used for fun by people who know nothing about letterpress printing or mathematics but like to play.

The 12pt glint game comes with 5mm squared paper and the 18pt set has 7mm squares

(This is not a toy, due to the small parts and metal type)