Elizabeth Fraser — artist printmaker & designer



I am Elizabeth Fraser


I am an artist printmaker


I am a graphic designer


I am a teacher

I am a printmaker working mainly with handset metal type and linocutting. My practice & research play with the interface between our analogue and digital lives. Work often begins with developing small scale typologies linked through text, genre and a certain transience or obsolescence. I am also inspired by the invisible connections and structures that verbal and written language make in our lives. By playing with the material visualisation of language I explore its role in the communication of place, memory and time.

I am a graphic designer working with the usual digital programmes but also bringing analogue printing techniques into designs where appropriate. I value client input and enjoy working together to achieve successful and creative outcomes that truly fulfil the brief. I try to bring the essence of my optimistic outlook into all my work. I like colour and pattern and letters and numbers. I also really really like a nice cup of tea.

I am a teacher. I have taught from early education (5-12yrs) in primary schools and workshops, through further education (16+) to higher education (18+). I currently act as studio supervisor and letterpress go-to-lady-custodian as well as taking on some associate lecturing with graphic design undergraduates at Cambridge School of Art—Anglia Ruskin University. I love working with young people and helping them exercise their creative muscles, learn about grids and realise that to make great work takes a great idea and a lot of hard work and attention to detail.